We invite your children from 6 up to 16 years old to share a valuable spa time with you through this tailor-made kid’s spa menu


My first massage                                                                                         

20 minutes

A relaxing massage for every little girl or boy. After a long day exploring Mykonos island and swimming in the crystal-clear Aegean blue sea, your body will thank you for treating it to a relaxing massage and you will be ready for your next island adventure.


Aegean snow-white facial treatment

20 minutes

A short facial to teach our children the benefits of deep-cleansing skin. This facial is specially designed to target impurities and leave your skin looking and feeling refreshed and rebalanced.


Hebe Teen facial                                                                                   

50 minutes

A moisturizing, purifying facial recommended particularly for teenagers


“Glam” Hand or Foot                                                                               

30 minutes                                                                                          

hand massage, nails neatened and nail polish

foot massage, nails neatened and nail polish

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