Body Time Control by Valmont

Body Time Control by Valmont
Valmont channels all its cellular cosmetics expertise into Body Time Control, offering a high-performance anti-aging program that targets all signs of aging on the body.

Purity of Bisses – body exfoliation                                                                     

30 minutes

Indulge in a perfect body exfoliation with respect of mature and dry skins, based on rose oil full of fatty acids, for a maximum hydrating effect.

Peaks of Slimness – full body massage           

60 minutes

One-hour body sculpting massage, with anti-cellulite, anti-orange-peel, draining and firming action thanks to a mix of gentle movements respecting mature skins and specific original palper-rouler motions… The perfect balance between slimming and relaxation, it includes application of “Fit & Tone” duo, the slimming serum D-Solution Booster and firming cream C-Curve Shaper.


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