Body Massages

Luxury Organic Oils are the ideal complement to Valmont high-end profile in skin care. Delicate summery scents surround Guests while blends of rare oils like camellia, jojoba, apricot oils with almond and grape seed oils, from all over the world, protect, nourish, firm soothe and hydrate the skin.

Back, Neck and Shoulders massage

40 minutes

This massage allows the therapist to focus on head, back and shoulders to release the part of the body from knots of tension.

Foot massage                                                                         

30 minutes

This massage relieves from the sensation of heavy legs, brings freshness, vitality and improves blood circulation.

Harmonia Relaxing massage

60 minutes

Medium pressure massage aiming to detoxify your muscles, activate blood circulation and relax your body mind, following the Swedish massage technique.

Deep Tissue massage                                                                                     

60 minutes

Deep muscular massage aimed at relieving tension and releasing toxins to promote a better circulation and well- being.

Ancient Greek massage

75 minutes

A genuine massage inspired by the healing tradition of Hippocrates. Exercising deep pressure, the Ancient-Greek full body massage will replenish your entire body with energy and euphoria.


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