Room Amenities

Tailormade your stay with us by arranging your preferred in-room amenities , your preffered pillows & flower arrangements , personalize your mini-bar or order your preferred birthday and anniversary cake and let us create for you a memorable experience.

 Welcome In-Room Amenities

Arrange your personal welcome amenities and preorder your favorite champagne or wine.

Our Concierge Team will be more than happy to propose you wines and champagnes from our extensive wine and champagne list.

Birthday Cakes

Our pastry team will be delighted to prepare birthday or anniversary cakes and our Executive Chef will satisfy your special requests subject to your dietary needs.


Flower Arrangements

Special Flower arrangements can be arranged from our Concierge subject to your preferences.

Pillow Menu

Select your in Suite Pillows from the Following Pillow Menu and enjoy a relaxing sleep exactly like at your home.

Your suite is equipped with Morfeas pillow  for Feather-light comfort and smoothness

and Narkissos I pillow – Optimum head and neck support in a pillow that is perfect for those who prefer to sleep on their


However, we offer multiple pillow options to personalize your stay even more.

Select from:

Narkissos III Enhanced neck support in a heavy-duty pillow, best suited for heavier

builds. Filled with natural latex flakes. The pillow’s volume and elasticity can be

easily adjusted to meet your needs by removing or adding material filling, thanks

to the zipper openings.

Sithon I Orthocervical with natural rubber flakes: Orthocervical pillow filled

with natural rubber flakes which are divided into four compartments. The seams

prevent the transposition of the natural rubber while the internal zippers enable

the regulation of the quantity of the filling.

Sithon V Supreme comfort combined with the hypoallergenic properties of pure

virgin wool. Sithon V’s innovative design offers enhanced head and neck support

for any sleeping position. Suitable for all body builds and customizable to meet all


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