Dine at Bill & Coo

The Gastronomy Project

Where the restaurant is the kitchen and the kitchen is the restaurant. Bill & Coo’s Gourmet Restaurant is a total interactive sensory experience of sound, scent, vision, taste and touch with a mouth-watering Mediterranean-cuisine inspired menu.

Situated by the pool, with views over the ocean and stars above, Bill & Coo’s Gourmet Restaurant in Mykonos awakens all senses. The distinguished Chef has created a Mediterranean-cuisine inspired menu of the freshest ingredients, based on the biological products of Mykonos Island.

Operating hours: 20:00-23:00

Maximum 6 persons per booking  otherwise upon request

Bill and Coo Taverna 

Delve into the Mediterranean gastronomic tradition as you relish specialties inspired by the awarded Executive Chef and his team in the cosy environs of our tavern. Be tempted to attend a series of gastronomy events taking place throughout the year at this exclusive Design hotel on the beach of Agios Ioannis in Mykonos.


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