Feel the Bill & Coo Wellbeing Rhythm

Opening Soon

Our commitment to a healthier lifestyle totally reflects into our 4 days wellness program specially designed to meet the needs of an international traveler. You can use the precious time allowed in vacation to take care of a particular health concern or to improve greatly your inner balance and make the most of your stay at Bill & Coo Hotels.

The program includes daily use of the Wellness Spa Suite for one hour plus a selection of our top treatments for total renewal of body and mind.

Duration:  4 days                 Price 890Euros


4 Days

Daily use of Wellness Spa Suite                                                  60minutes per day

Day 1: Initiation to Valmont Skin care program                     60minutes

Day 2: Renewing Holistic package                                             60minutes

Day 3: Ancient-Greek massage                                                   90minutes

Day 4: Vitality of the Glaciers face treatment                          90minutes

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